Business Intelligence, Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Originally posted on LinkedIn by Dr. Geoffrey Webster, Senior Partner.

Wow! Super Bowl LVI has recently come and gone!

But predictive Artificial Intelligence-driven Business Intelligence revealed the potential outcome of the game weeks before it occurred. And its prediction matched what happened!

Business Intelligence, Driven by Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence-driven business intelligence
Image courtesy of IBM

What is Artificial Intelligence-driven Business Intelligence? It is the practice of using machine algorithms to identify trends and insights in massive piles of data to make faster, competitive, value-added decisions in real time.

AI-driven BI has been used heavily in the sports world for the past few years. It is also making headway in the healthcare, financial, marketing, and automotive industries.

What’s intriguing is the lack of open dialogue sharing success stories and best practices on this topic. Yes, there is a lot of research made available by consultants in AI/BI technology firms. But the success stories from the business clients is dwarfed by the available research.

Do you know of any recent events, comments, and/or best practices on AI-driven BI impacting companies that can be shared? Leave a comment and let us know!

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