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Does your business growth plan include launching new products? Curious who will pay and how to get them to buy? We can help you with that. We give you the facts and support your need to meet and exceed your growth goals.

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Get insights into what motivates customers to buy. We turn complex market data into a plan to increase customers and grow revenue. Our powerful marketing technology is accessible and easy to use, so you can address issues most important to your business with the facts from the marketplace.

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We share our insights gathered from many years of advising clients in a variety of industries. Read our insights into business growth, innovation, and appealing to the voice of the customer.

Success Stories

“Breakthrough helped us better understand our market values, redefine our technical strategy, design a global technical strategy meeting and conduct the workshops. After two days of intense work, we all got on the same page, and at the end, felt good about what we accomplished.”

Leading global power transformer components company

“I inherited a strategic business unit that sells high performance materials, only to find that our growth had stalled badly. Breakthrough helped me return the business to its historical growth rates of ~5% per year. Within one year we were back on target.”

VP, High Performance Electronics company

“We were having debates on the introduction of a new printer for developing countries and could not resolve which features to eliminate. Breakthrough defined and executed a product profiling and pricing study that gave us clear direction on product design as well as how to position and introduce into four growing markets. We found the data more powerful than our individual guesses in achieving a successful launch.”

Product Manager, Digital Printing Company

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