Breakthrough Marketing Technology

For profitable growth, we generate new insights into what motivates customers to buy. Our deep customer insights come from our knowledge of a wide variety of businesses and industries, experience with successful business models, and extensive use of sophisticated market research tools. Harnessing analytics, we uncover customer knowledge superior to the competitions' for differentiated value propositions and evidence-based business decisions. We make powerful marketing technology accessible and easy-to-use to address the issues most important to your business through advice and coaching as we transfer learnings.

What We Do:

Breakthrough Marketing Technology is a boutique consulting firm that delivers actionable insights that translate into better business.
We offer the following services to accelerate your business performance:


Growth Strategy
Lean Six Sigma for Growth
Communication Implementation
Market Driven Innovation
Market Readiness
Brand Discovery
Multicultural Marketing
Price Optimization
Custom Apps

Featured Case Study and Breakthrough Brief:

Some of the companies and nonprofits we've worked with have allowed us to document the implementation of our processes, and then share the outcomes. The result is a set of case studies and briefs that describe how we've delivered actionable insights, recommendations and processes that lead to growth.

Brand Attributes Perception

Tools: Breakthrough ToolkitTM Approach: Analysis and Innovation What We Did: Market-Driven Innovation Problem A leading global printer manufacturer technology company, concerned about … [Read More...]

Really Simple Decision-Making

Everybody is talking Market Analytics today as if it is a new invention - the "Daughter of Big Data." To us, Market Analytics is simply what we do and have been doing for years, versus traditional … [Read More...]

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