The most powerful success is ongoing and incorporates continuous improvement of your innovation. We create dashboards and other mechanisms for listening closely to the market. This information builds a market leading organization. Cycles of market learning make success sustainable and reinforce your competitive advantage.



The definition of success is different for every client. Success metrics are determined by the objectives set in the Discovery stage of our approach. The Success stage is characterized by the transfer of the project learnings to our clients and verification that the initial criteria for success have been met.

For some engagements, we establish intermediate metrics to track progress and identify potential failure modes before they can derail a process. In those cases we plan how to bring the process back inline early on- without the pressure of an impending failure.

Success is not a static state. Things change that can challenge what has be achieved. So, monitoring changes in key metrics is critical. We define mechanisms for continuous improvement and identify what to measure to gauge ongoing performance. The build out of a roles and responsibilities matrix- specific to your organization’s structure and culture, supports successful implementation while feeding continuous improvement. And often, enhancement of the organizational skillset is a recognizable by-product of success.