Does Your Organization Have the Expertise to Implement Your Marketing Strategy?

market readinessThe Marketing Readiness Diagnostic™ (MRD) is a cloud-based application derived from the insights and experience we have gained from assessing more than 5,000 marketing professionals worldwide.

The MRD identifies the skills required for successful strategy execution:

  • Where are the critical skill gaps in our organization?
  • What is the exact nature of these readiness gaps?
  • Are there common issues across the organization?
  • Which gaps are the most important to address?
  • Which marketing plans are at risk? Which ones can we implement?
  • Is there a shared view of key marketing practices and gaps?
  • Are our skill development plans sufficient to address the gaps?
  • How do we compare to internal and external benchmarks?

To address these questions, the MRD

  • Focuses on the five most critical marketing practices for each individual
  • Determines these practices based on job family, level in the organization, responsibility, and market stage of development
  • Describes in behavioral terms the critical marketing practices required
  • Asks participants and their managers to select to what degree they adhere to the marketing practices being assessed
™ Marketing Readiness Diagnostic and MRD are trademarks of Imprint Learning Solutions, LLC
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