Discover the Key that Unlocks the Art and Science of Branding

Brand Discovery

Brand Discovery

Have You Discovered the Key that Unlocks the Art & Science of Branding?

Understanding the meanings of a brand and how they should be communicated to full advantage is both an art and a science. We are adept at

  • Asking the right combinations of questions;
  • Using emotional, cultural and experiential techniques; and
  • Conducting varied analyses that feed communications development.

Fortune 1000 companies, advertising agencies and select non-profits are our core clients.

The Brand Action Model™ approach offers a new dimension of insights into consumer connections to brands. By understanding the social dimension of branding, the model enables us to manage the impact of environmental influences and leverage them to build a brand community, complete with supportive institutions and brand partners.

InnerMind Metrix™ enables us to identify and measure the emotions that drive brand preference at the same time that we collect the context in which those emotions live.

We convert data from online conversations as well as custom inquiries into brand insights that create a defensible place in the hearts and minds of your target customers.

™Brand Action Model is a trademark of Breakthrough Marketing Technology, LLC
™InnerMind Metrix is a trademark of Breakthrough Marketing Technology, LLC