At Breakthrough, one of the things we do everyday is share information. It may trigger an insight to integrate into future work or be additive to the work of our clients. Breaking Insights is a collection of some of what we’ve considered lately. We’re sharing it with you, our fellow thought leaders.

What People Do Vs. What People Say

A common reality when we research individual attitudes and behaviors is that what people say is not necessarily what they do. Learn what’s behind your customers’ interests and motivations – what they really value, the outcomes they want to achieve, what they will pay a premium for, and how they prioritize benefits within their selection process. Read more.

Using VOC to Increase Revenue

Justin Doyle, Content Marketing Manager at Xerox, was part of the original Xerox team that used Voice of the Customer to deliver bottom line results in Xerox’s K-12 program. Hear what he has to say about using VOC analytics to boost Xerox’s revenue 17% in the first year. Watch video.

What Turned the British Election? Maybe the Youth Vote

The Labour Party gained 31 seats in Parliament, wiping out the majority of Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party–election results fueled partially by a high turnout of young British voters. Read more.

5 Things I Know About Marketing

“What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things.” Margaret Mead.

We believe that to learn what’s needed, methods other than a simple traditional survey are required. A survey alone won’t work well because you are seeking value propositions that will motivate new behaviors. You need to dig beyond the Adult Mind or those traditional offering feature evaluations that cause respondents to respond the way they think you want them to respond. Read more.