Bilal Karriem

Data Scientist

Bilal is a results-oriented executive of analytics with a proven track record of quickly unearthing and visualizing key information buried in vast amounts of data. He has expertise extracting, analyzing, visualizing, and judiciously applying data from diverse sources and business areas to generate actionable recommendations to C-level executives. His keen ability to envision critical aspects of client information using an array of statistical methods and innovative software, along with his astute business acumen, allow Bilal to help clients achieve the kind of significant impact that drives competitive advantage.

After performing EDA (exploratory data analysis), Bilal proceeded to analyze divergent data sources for Philip Morris loyalty program participants to support the insight for segment profile reports that tell stories. Bilal also led the analysis and segmentation necessary for build models to predict future segment membership of aspiring Black entrepreneurs for the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

Bilal and his analysts have demonstrated their expertise across a number of industries, including financial services, publishing, retail, advertising, non-profits, and pharmaceuticals. Bilal works with leading academics to develop top level statistical methodologies. Together, they have created cutting-edge segmentation and modeling solutions that are oriented towards addressing the practical issues facing decision makers today. This allows for the provision of scalable, end-to-end solutions – the design and programming of machine learning software solutions.

From helping financial clients assess customer default risk, to enabling publishing client’s determination of which subscribers are about to cancel their subscription, Bilal’s data-driven, analytic approaches have produced information-based solutions that improve the profit margins of all clients.


BS, Physics, Penn State University State College, PA
MBA in Marketing Penn State University State College, PA
PhD. in Statistics (ABD -All But Dissertation), Penn State University, State College, PA

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