Dr. Antonella Fabri

Cultural Anthropologist

Antonella is a cultural analyst with a background in social anthropology, linguistics, semiotics, and critical thinking. Her work spans several fields, converging on themes of cultural difference, social dynamics, and behavior. She has been a consultant for over fifteen years and teaches graduate courses on the application of methods and theories of anthropology to provide policy and business solutions.

She has collaborated on a variety of projects on public health and policy with the City of New York. In the private sector, she has worked on projects that connect meaning and behavior to luxury goods, fragrances and cosmetics, food and beverages, health, hospitality, travel, education, and financial services.

Antonella uses ethnographic methodologies to delve into people’s experiences, stories, and emotions, to understand their motivations in their everyday lives and beliefs.

She enjoys teamwork, challenging projects, and the opportunity to offer actionable insights and creative solutions to her clients. Author of peer reviewed articles and speaker at professional conferences, she is fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish.


PhD, Cultural Anthropology, University at Albany, State University of New York

Recent Posts by Antonella


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