Market-Driven Innovation

The right Mindset and necessary Skillsets with powerful Toolsets make success happen.

Have you ever asked yourself

  • How can we know we are working on the right innovations?
  • What can we do to ensure that new value propositions are on target?
  • How do we make best use our of our limited product development resources?
  • What is the most efficient approach for new offering generation?

These are the questions underlying decisions to fund innovative growth concepts. We answer these questions for or with your growth teams using insights generated from analysis of the voices of customers you want to target.

Market-Driven Innovation – A Roadmap to Success

Market-Driven InnovationWith market-driven innovation, we provide clients with the roadmap to profitable growth. Our roadmaps are based on a deep understanding of specific markets, customer needs, and their desired outcomes. The map starts with the market and ends with what you have to do to deliver to the market what will drive revenue.

This market-back practice uses a set of well-defined tasks to identify, collect, analyze, and use what the market tells us to launch lucrative new offerings. Its success depends on your organization’s culture, which is an outgrowth of the leadership’s mindset, the skillset employed by your organization, and the toolset you use to make success happen.

Businesses that practice market-driven innovation build their organizations around the markets they have identified as best to serve. Market research provides the deep understanding of the needs and desired outcomes held by customers in targeted markets. It fuels strategic decisions to innovate products, services, technology platforms, positionings, and business models. Market-driven innovation improves value creation and value delivery, because your new product development is what your target customers will pay for.

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