Defining Consumer Relationships in the Energy Industry

Energy: Where Technology & Consumers Collide

energy-and-technologyThe Changing World of Energy

Energy is a rapidly evolving sector. Whatever the technology, demand is driven by consumers. With new and growing access to data, consumer dynamics are changing. Consumer relationships are shifting in significant ways because of

  • New energy choices
  • Greater access to information
  • The realities of smart meters
  • Net metering and its impact on supply/demand projections

We are unique in our understanding of technology, analytics, AND the role that culture plays in consumer behavior. This can have significant implications for our clients.

Breakthrough has significant experience with everything from ethnographies focused on consumer behavior and preference, to worker safety in oil and gas, to predictive analysis on utility transformers to evaluating high value solar materials to communications and training for energy efficient workforce development.

We have tools perfect for the energy sector to

  • Make sense out of big data sets
  • Understand how to influence consumer behavior
  • Apply cognitive analytics via IBM Watson to track changes, measure impact, and offer new insights based on federal regulations and comments