Senior Partner

Ronald E. Sullivan

Innovator, strategist, market researcher, data analyst

Ronald E. Sullivan

Ron is a Senior Partner at Breakthrough Marketing Technology. Previously, Ron served as Director of Corporate Business and Marketing Consulting in the DuPont Company. In that role, he led both the consulting and marketing research organizations. He was the front line of market research for the corporation, leading executive committee initiatives and coordinating work across all the businesses. Some of his key accomplishments include re-establishing communications research capability, developing marketing and selling best practices, and creating marketing competency building blocks such as Managing the Marketing Process, Segmentation and Targeting, Brand Management, Offering Design, Routes to Market, Pricing Strategies, New Product Development, and Strategic Account Management.

Additionally, Ron has experience in the energy sector, life sciences/bio-pharma, apparel industry (from consumers to fiber producers), home furnishings consumer market tests, cookware, and the snack food category (McDonald’s and Eagle Snacks).

Most notably, Ron has personally worked with many business units on innovation, new product development processes, strategy, building new business models, channels and distribution, and pricing optimization. He has significant expertise in study design, data analysis, and market intelligence. Ron has been a long time member of the Marketing Sciences Institute and the Institute for the Study of Business Markets.

BS, Chemical Engineering, Rose Hulman Institute