Pamela J. Roach

Strategy development and execution, market-driven positioning, business model design

Pam is dedicated to the Breakthrough mission of enabling businesses to make decisions based on fact. For companies that want to enter a market and achieve profitable product adoption, she leads the Breakthrough team into the marketplace they want to serve. Then Breakthrough performs analysis to deliver insights into what people will pay for and how to communicate with them.  

Specifically, Pam has designed, collected, analyzed, and delivered the intelligence necessary to produce insights into the motivations, attitudes and outcomes that characterize multi-cultural targets. Clients for this work include multiple machine, service and software businesses of Xerox Corp., New York City Small Business Services, United States Marine Corps, and advertising agencies. These engagements in addition to serving clients looking to grow with technology, insurance, textile, performance film, building material and service offerings.

Prior to co-founding Breakthrough Marketing Technology, Pam was responsible for marketing support of global sales to 15 industries at AlliedSignal/Honeywell. She has led marketing, customer service and e-business departments; designed, built, and managed global marketing organizations; built brand equity and refined brand strategies; and developed and implemented communication strategies. She has built business strategies and been responsible for their successful execution.

At AlliedSignal, she led the team that delivered the first and only patent to a mature business winning a corporate prize. Her global cross functional product development team won a corporate Six Sigma for Growth competition launching new products with the business’s highest levels of profitability.  

Pam teaches graduate students Integrated Marketing and Media Campaigns at NYU School for Professional Studies. She has been invited to deliver guest lectures on New Product Development Market Research at NYU Stern and Rutgers Business Schools. She has delivered presentations on product development, commercialization and innovation to the Product Development Management Association (PDMA), Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM), WCBF Six Sigma for Marketing Conferences, and the American Chemical Society. Pam has also taught a series of workshops for a Marketing Certificate Program at Kent State University Center for Corporate and Professional Development.

BA, Philosophy, Harvard University
MBA, Columbia University Business School