Analysis is the Key to Understanding

A profound understanding of how customers perceive you, your products or services, and your competition opens the door to market-based decision. We utilize innovative, state-of-the-art analytics and apply processes grounded in Lean Six Sigma. Through analysis, we capture insights from this knowledge that lead to growth and more effective marketing. We let the marketplace tell you what motivates your customers.

Market or industry analysis is the natural next step after Discovery and is at the core of Innovation and Successful Growth. Practitioners tend to use the term VOC (Voice of the Customer) to represent their willingness to do the required market investigation that some call market research, and the subsequent market analysis of the data they collect from customers they want to serve. Many find themselves trapped in a “one approach fits all” mode to do their market investigation. We utilize a broad spectrum of VOC collection, analysis and tools, selecting what works best based on the business objectives you present.

In the Analysis mode, the Breakthrough ToolkitTM helps you learn how best to grow an existing business with its existing product set. Many of the same tools are utilized to identify the road to innovation; but the questions are tailored to a new business or offering under consideration. The analysis helps a business define

  • The new value proposition
  • Targeted positioning and pricing
  • New business models – what they must do differently to grow


Innovation From Insights

innovationBy combining market knowledge and insights to our experience and creativity with what you do best, patterns of profitability are revealed. We translate those inputs into recommendations for innovative offerings and business models. All we do flows from your strategy and objectives.

When we are in the Innovation mode, we like to build off qualitative learnings by employing the Breakthrough ToolkitTM. In the Toolkit, we can analyze

  • Product attribute importance and performance
  • Desired outcome importance and performance
  • Concepts and competitive products
  • Value for individual concept features

We can identify segments based on how respondents addressed the exercises and slice the learnings by these segments for more specific analysis. The output of the Breakthrough ToolkitTM analysis is both a business case for the concept and design specifics for the product or service solution.

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