Concept Test-Based Go-to-Market Strategy Delivers Growth

The following case study describes use of the Breakthrough Toolkit™ to develop a go-to-market strategy for a Fortune 100 company to grow their business.

A small set of concepts was defined from interviews. Testing the value of these concepts would allow for upgrades before commercialization to improve marketplace success. A successful launch of the company’s new product(s) and/or service(s) would increase both share and profitability.

The Results

Our Tool: Breakthrough Toolkit
Our Approach: Analysis
What We Did: Growth Strategy

Understanding which customers valued different sets of experiences enabled

  • 20% increase in share of a specific market segment
  • Improved efficiency of marketing to attract profitable customers. Learning the messages and promotions that motivate desired behaviors avoided funding ineffective campaigns.
  • Greater retention of profitable customers. Customers purchased additional products and services that more effectively addressed their needs.
  • Needs assessment to
    • Identify segments that had higher value for their offering. Resources were leveraged for greatest profitability.
    • Discover services that were more valued by the attractive segments and potential revenue generators.
  • Redefinition of customer perceptions and satisfaction metrics. Learnings generated a new set of importance and satisfaction attributes.
  • Identification of potential new products and services. Evaluation resulted in development of new offerings with competitive differentiation.

pdf_icon_smallDownload: Concept Test Based Go-to-market Strategy Delivers Growth

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