Our client was a manufacturer of bath linens who wanted to test the market’s receptivity for a new product they were developing.

What We Did

The new product was a premium bath towel that was heavy, soft, and fluffy, and became fluffier over time with use. It was made from 100%, extra-long fiber cotton that felt like Egyptian, Pima, or Turkish cotton. It was woven into 800 grams per square meter, resulting in rapid wicking and absorption of water away from the skin. It was the right balance of weight and thickness, and maintained its size and softness over many washings. It came in specifically designed sets with options for a hand towel, washcloth(s), and bath mat, and was available in a wide range of colors and designs that were guaranteed to not fade.

We evaluated seven product features and nine service features associated with the concept product. The service features included

  • No hassle return policy with a full refund or replacement if the both towels didn’t perform as customers expected
  • Free sample washcloth so customers would see and touch the special fabric out of which the bath sheets were made
  • 60-day trial of the bath towels; if customers didn’t like them, then they could return them—no questions asked
  • A light weight, reusable storage container for the bath towels
  • Free 2-day shipping was standard
  • A 5-year, no-fault guarantee provided along with product purchases
  • A free subscription to the company’s monthly newsletter that kept customers informed of new products and design tips, as well as advice on home décor
  • The option to receive special samples of new products
  • A free copy of the company’s printed catalog with an augmented reality experience that enabled customers to see the true color and/or pattern of the bath towels in their own home

We designed and executed a concept test for the new bath towel product. We tested how much respondents would pay for the concept product, with a mix of respondents who reflected our client’s target market.

What We Learned

Over 70% of respondents were interested in the conceptual bath towel product. Overall, respondents were willing to pay approximately $65 for the bath towel. The idea of a bath towel becoming fluffier over time was well received.

The weight of the bath towel was important to around 40% of respondents, but most respondents did not factor weight into their decision-making process. The most important product features were softness, wicking, fluff, long-lasting, and not trapping odors. Among the service features, free shipping, free returns, and free samples tended to be entrenched in people’s thinking.

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