Breaking Insights Archives

At Breakthrough, one of the things we do everyday is share information. It may trigger an insight to integrate into future work or be additive to the work of our clients. Breaking Insights is a collection of some of what we’ve considered lately. We’re sharing it with you, our fellow thought leaders.

Accelerated Development

Accelerated New Business Development is very different from the traditional New Product Development process, and is an approach to overcome the barriers presented by the traditional processes. What is the key differentiator? Once a project is commissioned, it moves without disruption into commercialization. Read more.

Stage Gate in Your Company

Most companies have some variation of a Stage Gate New Business Development Process. Does your company use a Stage Gate process? How well does it work for you? Take a poll and let us know.

The Gig Economy

Many have discovered the power of the gig economy. Not only is it a source of supplemental income for “workers” who “gig,” but it is also a rich source of people who, as a collective, can advance non-automated work for “requestors.” “HITS,” or Human Intelligence Tasks, are microtasks performed by individual workers online 24/7. Access to this type of resource is a strategic benefit to organizations doing accelerated development or any process that utilizes human-centered design and incorporates rapid prototyping. Read more.