Signals of Perceived Value

A Sound Integration Our client wanted to test a potential new product that would offer their customers a single platform to process and distribute both audio and video signals. The client hoped to […]

Hybrid VOC for New Product Innovations

New Product Innovations Our client developed an innovative product concept for the healthcare industry. The product itself is a major upgrade from the current competitive set. However, the way it is used to […]

Business Development & Innovation Certificate Program

Make more money by knowing your market better! In the HBR article Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chen Kim and Renée Mauborgne reported on the results of 108 business launches. 14% invested in creating […]

Growth or Stagnation – Innovation is the Answer

The Keys to Growth It’s not news that innovation and new product offerings are the keys to growth for the most successful companies. However, the road from concept to commercialization is fraught with […]

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