4 Steps to Pricing to Value

Pricing to Value You may not be achieving the optimal price for your products, given your business objectives, competitive environment, and the value your customers have for your brands, products, and services. Pricing […]

Leadership Mindset to Unleash Growth


The Innovation Process & New Offering Generation

Increase Your Likelihood of Success The design, management, and implementation of your innovation process should be based upon the needs and wants of your key markets. The multifunctional team approach taught in this […]


Many companies are challenged by segmentation and don’t do it well. Segmentation can enable you to identify and focus your resources on the customer groups who each have different values for your offering. […]

Actionable Insights from Marketing Analytics

Make Market-Driven Business Decisions Facilitator: Ron Sullivan Learn how to capture and use market data to determine what it takes for your new product or service to succeed. The right analysis will tell […]

How to Be a Wise Consumer of Marketing Research

Are You a Wise Consumer? ?An educated consumer is our best customer.? That is the tagline of a retailer that targets customers who know value ? the thing that delivers the shopping outcomes […]

Value Proposition & Positioning

The Kent State University Center for Corporate and Professional Development Certificate in Marketing and Innovation Program Value Propostition & Positioning Class A strong and profitable value proposition creates the link between customer value […]

Business Development & Innovation Certificate Program

Make more money by knowing your market better! In the HBR article Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chen Kim and Renée Mauborgne reported on the results of 108 business launches. 14% invested in creating […]

Value-Based Pricing

Value-Based Pricing – How much of the value that you create do you keep and how much does you customer capture? Do you effectively price your offerings in both your existing business value […]

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