Really Simple Decision-Making

Everybody is talking Market Analytics today as if it is a new invention – the “Daughter of Big Data.” To us, Market Analytics is simply what we do and have been doing for […]

Price: Are You Getting Enough Of It?

Is the Price Right? Price is the one component of the marketing mix that has a direct and straight path to the bottom line. Most of us never really know if our price […]

Be Intelligent About Market Intelligence

A Disciplined Approach to Marketing Fact-based market intelligence can provide a more disciplined approach to doing the work of marketing. This approach more effectively incorporates solid decision-making and the use of tools designed […]

Making Money from Good Marketing

All too often, companies find themselves trapped: their products have become too mature, and their manufacturing costs have become too high, even after several cost reduction programs. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware […]

Blue Ocean Strategy and the Breakthrough Toolkit

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne Blue Oceans are defined by creating new market space in existing markets and […]

Brand Action Model (BAM)

The Brand Action Model? is a sociological construct that provides a unique perspective on consumer relationships to brands. It is based on elements of the best of the Sociological Community Models. Our approach […]

Growth or Stagnation – Innovation is the Answer

The Keys to Growth It’s not news that innovation and new product offerings are the keys to growth for the most successful companies. However, the road from concept to commercialization is fraught with […]

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