4 Steps to Pricing to Value

Pricing to Value You may not be achieving the optimal price for your products, given your business objectives, competitive environment, and the value your customers have for your brands, products, and services. Pricing […]

Price to Value

Do you value “price to value?” Better yet, do you even know the value of your Value Proposition? Price to Value Components There are three main common pricing strategies: Cost based: setting a […]

Operationalizing Pricing

Identify the optimum price for your products today. Manage pricing policy for the long-term health of your business. Seeking the “Optimum Price” The expected goal of pricing policy is to maximize long-term earnings. […]

Price: Are You Getting Enough Of It?

Is the Price Right? Price is the one component of the marketing mix that has a direct and straight path to the bottom line. Most of us never really know if our price […]

Brand Attributes Perception

Determining the Best Positioning A leading global printer manufacturer technology company, concerned about slowing growth, commissioned Breakthrough Marketing Technology to conduct a brand attribute perception study to help them determine the best positioning […]

Be Intelligent About Market Intelligence

A Disciplined Approach to Marketing Fact-based market intelligence can provide a more disciplined approach to doing the work of marketing. This approach more effectively incorporates solid decision-making and the use of tools designed […]

Making Money from Good Marketing

All too often, companies find themselves trapped: their products have become too mature, and their manufacturing costs have become too high, even after several cost reduction programs. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware […]

Rapid Market Assessment

?A major benefit from this work is that we utilized both marketing and technical people on these projects; now, they not only talk to each other, but also speak the same language.? VP, […]

Stuck in Yesterday’s Success

Are you looking for new business in all the wrong places? Several businesses with whom we have worked in the last 10 years have been concerned about their growth or have even seen […]

Inward Focus Doesn’t Lead to Outward Success

Inward focus doesn’t lead to outward success. In a working session on a growth topic with a group of business units in a Fortune 100 company, we asked them, “Why can’t you grow […]

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