Amazon: Innovation in the Food Business

In February of this year, Fast Company published Why Amazon is the World’s Most Innovative Company of 2017. This was months before the announcement of their $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods. If […]

What People Do vs. What People Say

The Reality A common reality when we research individual attitudes and behaviors is that what people say is not necessarily what they do. This often happens when the subject is connected to social […]

BIG: Breakthrough Insight Generation

Long-Term Perspective for Long-Term Growth Long-term growth requires a long-term perspective. How do you get the right level of insight about the industry and your best opportunities for the future? You start with […]

The Shooting in Orlando – Why It Matters

Like so many in the U.S and abroad, we at Breakthrough were moved by the mass shooting in Orlando on June 12th. As the news cycles continue with more details about the shooter, […]

Design Thinking

A Route to Innovation Design thinking has gained visibility as a route to innovative solutions. The design firm IDEO was one of the earliest companies to gain notoriety for using this process as […]

A Leap in Multicultural Marketing

The U.S. Marine Corps takes the Leap, supported by Breakthrough strategy. Part of the U.S. Marine Corps mission is to have diversity in its ranks that matches that of the population. The opportunity […]

Integration of Education, Technology & Marketing

Kent State University’s mission is to be known as the “premiere research university that provides experience for life.” The university sought to increase the intimacy of its relationships with alumni, faculty, and students. […]

Brand Action Model (BAM)

The Brand Action Model™ is a sociological construct that provides a unique perspective on consumer relationships to brands. It is based on elements of the best of the Sociological Community Models. Our approach […]

Value Proposition in a Box?

Concept Test-Based Go-to-Market Strategy Delivers Growth The following case study describes use of the Breakthrough Toolkit to develop a go-to-market strategy for a Fortune 100 company to grow their business. A small set […]

Multicultural Positioning

Better Positioning for Greater Diversity The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a leading non-profit that utilizes independent scientific research, citizen support, and political advocacy to affect solutions to complex, environmentally-related problems. In […]

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